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Burger Bar’uns

OK so it’s another theatre shot. I’ve been practicing and my susccess rate seems to be slipping 77 photos and about 4-5 good ones, but only really 1 fit for here. Hopefully I’ll have somthing different for you tomorrow.

Oh no he didn’t!

“If your name’s not down, you’re not commin’ in!” Panto is apon me and I feel it is my duty to immortalise this little slice of Britains herritage in still image….. In otherwords i’ve been stuck in the theatre all day and here is what I’ve got… Out of a possible 51 photos, two have […]

Theatrically Challenged

Golly I’ve had a hectic day today. Been at the theatre all day programming and rehearsing for “Puss in Boots” our panto. It’s quite good and goes up tomorrow night. Here is a photo from the show, the best of the bunch i hurridly took during the 2nd rehersal, inbetween cues.