Oh no he didn’t!

If your name’s not down, you’re not commin’ in!
“If your name’s not down, you’re not commin’ in!”

Panto is apon me and I feel it is my duty to immortalise this little slice of Britains herritage in still image…..
In otherwords i’ve been stuck in the theatre all day and here is what I’ve got… Out of a possible 51 photos, two have made the grade for my photo a day, I couldn’t choose so I’ll let you decide.

I’ve put a request for help under the cut at the end of the post.

Pray Silence for Puss in Boots!

“Pray Silence for Puss in Boots!”

The hardest bit I’m finding is capturing live action in dim light. These people move fast and often. They are under theatre lights which are plenty bright to the eye but to the camera even with the apature opened all the way it’s still hard to get the balance for the shutter speed as it needs to be slow for light but fast for the action. Any advice is greatly appreciated.