What I Do


I have been working in the technical industry for over 12 years, and in that time I have risen from tea boy/button pusher, all the way to technical manager of a local producing theatre who create 10 plays a year and have many bookings from outside companies.

I cut my teeth on analogue sound desks, CD/MD players (occasionally even tape), two preset lighting desks and many other superb basic tools. I am now able to work with most digital sound desks, Show Cue System playback, Screen Monkey video servers, ETC, Strand and Avolites lighting consoles. I am always learning, and pride myself on the fact that I can usually sit down with any piece of equipment and be able to use it for my needs. I can repair electronic devices, after studying NVQ2&3 Electronic Servicing, and can service and repair moving lights, dimming systems and many other items.

My CV is available upon request.

Short Version

I Can:

  • Fix nearly anything to do with technical theatre.
  • Operate nearly anything to do with technical theatre.
  • Learn quickly on the job, new technology and manual skills and crafts.

So thats what I can do in a nutshell. If you want to ask me anything or use my services please do drop me an email. steve@stevyrey.co.uk

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